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ON THE EDGE, 2011, Winnipeg, Mb

Watercolour on Paper

15X19 Finished size; OPEN TO OFFERS

I almost can't believe I was doing such a prosaic thing as simply typing a title and other mundane things about this painting. It's the first one I attempted following 3 months of radiation treatment for cancer. It started just before Christmas 2010. During that whole time I was only focused on going to Cancer Care, arranging rides, cold rinses after treatment, going XC skiing and drinking 4 quarts of water every day.

This painting is a perfect example of how happy accidents often make the best art. I just started with a wet wash with those colours. Some hard lines developed as the colours dried. I played around with outlining some of them and things started to take shape. When I put those two trees on, I had one of those incredible BAMM! IT'S DONE!!! moments.

I pinned this one up in my living room and just looked at it, astounded at the end result of days of frustration, experimentation and then ...

So I put the normal pricing on it at first, forgetting how important it is to me. I think I might sell it if some mad philanthropist wanted to give me a rediculous sum for it.

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